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Proven on the Frontlines

OneFlow technology, with Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC), has been tested in real-world applications and has been proven to continually outperform other scale remediation processes. The list of case studies below are just a few examples.

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

OneFlow Saves Dough

Branche: Food Service
Category: Water Quality
Location: Eastern US
Installation: OneFlow® Anti-Scale System
Fort Sill United States Army Base

OneFlow Goes to War with Ultra-Hard Water

Branche: Government
Category: Water Quality
Location: Lawton, OK
Installation: OneFlow® Model # OF1665-75 x12
Truck Wash Technologies

Clean Water Protects a Rolling Investment

Branche: Commercial
Category: Water Quality
Location: Ontario, Canada
Installation: OneFlow™ Anti-Scale System